Biographical Information

Attorney Fernando J. Lopez began his career as a lawyer in South Texas in the town of Weslaco, where he has continued to serve for nearly a decade. He has since expanded his coverage to include Houston and other areas throughout Texas, but he continues to be an active Weslaco personal injury lawyer. His experience working within his community gives him a deep understanding of the culture and needs of Weslaco and Rio Grande valley residents.

Mr. Lopez believes that the most important aspect of becoming a lawyer is having a deep desire to provide justice to those who deserve it. At the start of his law career, he delved into a variety of specialities, including criminal, family, contract, and business law. But ultimately, he found being a personal injury lawyer to be the most satisfying to his original goal.

He saw how insurance companies treated people and how unfair and unethical those companies could often be. So, he began specializing in personal injury cases and experienced significant pride in helping his clients get the most for their injuries. He continues to follow his passion as an accident lawyer who is a fierce advocate and source of support and experience for his clients.

“I will do everything in my power to get you the best settlement possible!” — Fernando J. Lopez

Admission Dates & Jurisdictions

11/2007 admitted to State Of Texas Bar

09/2019 admitted to Washington D.C.